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At the forefront of rehabilitation medicine, our goal is to provide exceptional care and expert guidance across a variety of conditions. Our driving force is the promotion of independence and the enhancement of quality of life.

Our specialities

A tailored neurological rehabilitation program aims to help you to relearn skills lost, boost independence and improve your quality of life.
Recovery from a stroke heavily relies on effective rehabilitation, which ideally starts shortly after the stroke incident.
A tailored Parkinson’s therapy program with the support of the right rehabilitation team can help you to continue to live a fulfilling life.
Whether you’re coming from the hospital or starting from home, your post-neurosurgery rehabilitation plan will be customised to suit your specific requirements.
Utilising a combination of therapies and exercises to enhance healing, increase function, manage symptoms, and decrease the risk of injury and chronic disability.
Offering the potential to regain a level of fitness and function following illness (cancer, cardiac), injury or a hospital stay.

Your program may include

Rehabilitation medicine

Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation medicine focuses on helping people recover and regain their abilities after injuries, illnesses, or surgeries.



Prioritises exercises and mobility training to enhance strength and functionality.

Occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy

Aims to enhance your ability to engage in daily activities

Exercise physiology

Exercise Physiology

An tailored method to get bodies moving and assist in reaching personal and health-related objectives



Aquatic exercises, conducted in warm water, alleviate pain, enhance muscle strength, boost circulation, and refine overall functionality.

Speech therapy

Speech Pathology

Aims at improving communication skills and refining swallowing and drinking capabilities.



Helps improve digestion and overseeing nutritional intake.

Psychology Icon


Aids in cognition, brain function, behaviour, emotions, personality, and human development.

Rehabilitation nursing

Rehabilitation Nursing

Assessing & managing health issues, & providing therapeutic interventions & advice.

Social Work Icon

Social Work

Centers on bolstering overall health and well-being through evidence-based, effective support.

PD Warrior®

PD Warrior® Program

Aids in addressing both the physical and cognitive aspects of Parkinson’s disease through engaging, social activities.

Neurological rehabilitation

Advanced Technology

Offering an extensive selection of cutting-edge technology devices

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The therapy was brilliant. The physiotherapists were so wonderful, patient and experienced. Their care, commitment, encouragement and knowledge have been central to my terrific results.

- Paul
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