Daniel’s story of determination

Daniel Anderson, a well-known rugby league figure with an impressive coaching career, had a life-changing experience while body surfing during a family holiday. A powerful wave caught him off guard, dropping him on his head, causing him to lose consciousness. Thankfully, his brother acted quickly, bringing him back to shore where off-duty paramedics and lifeguards […]

Nele’s fighting spirit in reclaiming her life

Complaining of a severe headache and neck pain, 36-year-old Nele was admitted to Royal North Shore Hospital (RNS) for tests, when an MRI and lumbar puncture led to a diagnosis of Encephalitis; an inflammation of the brain, often caused by infection.  Despite receiving antibiotic treatment, Neleís condition progressively worsened, with a significant decline in her […]

Fiona’s journey back from brain injury

In early September 2022, 55-year-old cycling enthusiast Fiona was participating in the National Masters Cycling Championships near Mt Keira when she was involved in a crash.

Living well with multiple sclerosis

Lesley has also been attending regular therapy sessions with her physiotherapist to regain further function in her left arm after Botox injections. It was also recommended that Lesley use a knee brace to minimise her right knee locking to improve stability in knee joint, thus ability to walk further without damaging ligaments. Lesley was given an individualised […]

Back in the game after double knee replacement

Paul has always led an active life, and had been enjoying his retirement, regularly fishing, kayaking, cycling and playing golf.  When the 67-year-old developed severe arthritis in his knees and was advised he would need a bilateral knee replacement Paul put off the surgery as long as possible until constant pain and mobility issues took hold. By […]

Rehab reignites adventure for Wilma

Passionate world traveller, Wilma Pannikote, was busy packing her bags for a European holiday when she started having difficulty walking. A viral infection of the spine led Wilma to hospital and then onto Royal Rehab Private Hospital (RRP) for rehabilitation.   “I was suddenly confined to a wheelchair and my biggest fear was that I […]

Royal Rehab Day Rehabilitation improves Deryl’s Parkinson’s disease symptoms

It was a slight shaking in her hands that made 75-year-old Deryl first think she may have Parkinson’s disease. A neurologist soon confirmed her suspicions. “The symptoms were a bit irritating, but I just did my usual thing and tried to ignore it!” says Deryl.  Then Deryl’s symptoms started to interfere with the activities she […]

Darrel slows symptoms of Parkinson’s disease with PD Warrior program

Darrel, 63, has run an accounting firm in Sydney’s CBD for 20 years. In early 2019, his doctor noticed some shaking in his left hand. Further testing revealed he had Parkinson’s disease.  Darrel was quickly referred by his neurologist to Dr Anuka Parapuram and accepted into Royal Rehab Private Hospital’s Day Rehabilitation Program. Here he […]