Public Outpatient Clinic

Royal Rehab provides a range of allied health therapies in individual and group formats via our public outpatient clinics located at our Ryde campus. 

Public Outpatient Clinics

Our tailored offerings cater to both individualized therapy needs and comprehensive multidisciplinary solutions. Whether you’re recovering from recent hospitalization, a new injury or illness, or managing a chronic condition, we’re here to help you regain strength, function, and mobility. This program is fully covered by Medicare and public health funding, ensuring no additional fees.

Explore our Public Outpatient Program, featuring:

  • Neurological Rehabilitation: Expert care for conditions like stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Chronic Disability Rehabilitation: Tailored support for individuals managing chronic disabilities.
  • Rehabilitation Specialist Access: Direct access to experienced rehabilitation specialists.
  • Collaborative Goal Setting: Jointly define goals with your family or caregivers.
  • Regular Goal Reviews: Scheduled meetings to evaluate progress, usually every 12 weeks.
  • Community Services Linkage: Assistance in connecting with community services and NDIS planning.
  • Flexible Programs: Options for individual or group therapy, including group hydrotherapy. (dependent on availability and clinical needs)
  • Seamless Transition: Referrals and discharge summaries for post-program services provided to you and your general practitioner.
  • Accessibility Note: Group hydrotherapy availability and participation are subject to clinical needs and availability.

To qualify for the Public Outpatient Program, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Residential Eligibility: Be a resident of the Northern Sydney Local Health District.
  • Recovery Context: Have recently experienced injury, illness, surgery, or an exacerbation of a chronic condition.
  • Achievable Goals: Set functional goals that align with a 12-week timeframe.
  • Motivated Participation: Display motivation and commitment to achieving established goals.
  • Transport Access: Ensure transport is available for attending appointments at Royal Rehab, Ryde.
Referrals to the program can be made by your treating inpatient team. Please contact us directly regarding referral enquiries from GPs or person’s in the community. For further information contact the Community Rehabilitation Service on 02 9808 9218 or email

Your Rights and Responsibilities

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights sets out the fundamental principles of healthcare. You can download a copy of the charter here.

The charter is available to everyone in the healthcare system. It allows patients, consumers, families, carers and providers to share an understanding of the rights of people receiving health care.

Patients, consumers, healthcare providers and health service organisations all have an important part to play in achieving healthcare rights and contributing to a safe and high-quality healthcare system.