Brain Injury Community Rehab

Royal Rehab’s Brain Injury services are offer highly specialised traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation. 

Our in-patient service is complemented by the Brain Injury Community Rehabilitation Team (BICRT) which may be involved in your care after you have completed your in-patient rehabilitation program.

Part of the state-wide NSW Brain Injury Program, BICRT empowers clients with traumatic brain injuries through comprehensive, personalized rehabilitation. With a client-centered approach, our skilled clinicians craft goal-driven programs, focusing on daily life priorities.

A team of experienced experts in adult brain injury, BICRT offers home, community, and Royal Rehab-based programs. Our Rehabilitation Medicine Physicians assess clients for suitability, ensuring tailored care.

Programs encompass cognitive, physical, and functional rehab, emotional wellbeing, and more. Achieving goals within 6 to 12 months, clients often continue improving beyond the program’s end.


Referrals to BICRT require initial assessment by the Rehabilitation Medicine Physician. This requires a medical referral from a General Practitioner, hospital physician or medical specialist.

Referral criteria:
  • Recent traumatic brain injury (other brain injuries will be considered)
  • Adults of working age
  • Lives in north-eastern metropolitan Sydney (BICRT referral region)
  • Medical stability
  • Active rehab goals and willingness to participate.

Brain Injury Community Rehab is available via telehealth

This is a great alternative to face-to-face consultations if you live a busy life. Stay connected, stay motivated and keep working towards your goals.


Your Rights and Responsibilities

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